Friday, March 11, 2011

Fun outting with one of my besties :)

Tara was in town with Boston visiting her family. We took the opportunity to take the kiddo's to West Ed and take advantage of free rides at Galaxy Land! Avery and I (and Avery also goes with my girlfriend Rachel who watches her when I work) go often, but this was little Boston's first time on the rides!

I haven't seen Boston for a few months now, and he has grown up so much! He so adorable, and such a curious little guy. He would get a little nervous at times, but he loves taking in all the sounds and sites! Thanks for hanging out with us Tara and Boston :)


Jason and Kamry Low said...

Fun! can't believe how old boston is! cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh cute!!! We had so much fun too! Can you send me all the pictures??!!

The Hatch Family said...

So fun! Boston has grown so much since Christmas. You two ladies both look beautiful in those pics.