Monday, March 14, 2011

Some small changes and one nice big one!

So it was my birthday this past weekend. I will do a little birthday post soon, some of the pictures are on my parents camera. It was a great weekend, basically celebrated all weekend! Jordan did a great job making it a special weekend. On Friday we went for dinner at West Ed to Earls and then a movie. In between we went and picked out my first present from Jordan, new nobs for my buffet! I've been eyeing these for a while, but since there $10 a pop I couldn't justify it! So for my birthday I got them! Jordan put them on for my birthday. I didn't take a before, but they were just brown square knobs. Not horrible... but not this pretty!

Aren't they pretty :)
My new hook :) And a few months ago I found that adorable cook book stand at Home Sense. Since my walls are dark I love accessorizing in white, look this! I holds my favourite cook book all the time!
I had some crummier hooks here that always feel off. Jordan got me these beauties from Anthropology for Christmas. So pretty hey! And they are solid, so no more hook falling off when I grab the towel off!

So this is our door off the kitchen to the back hall. I did not take a before since it was a very spontaneous project. I just decided one day I hated our front and back brown doors since they are seen from our main areas. So I decided to paint them green! I got this mirror at Home Sense and the other Anthropology hook for my oven mitts!

This was the only before I could find of the front entrance with the doors open. So you can see how horrible was for storage! We had these 2 rods sticking out from the wall. I was able to put it up with, but it made Jordan so annoyed! Whenever you would take coats out from the back the front ones would fall down! Very annoying! And there is really only one row for shoes and not much storage above the coats. Jordan thought of every solution and felt that hooks would be the best way to go. I was skeptical, but he showed me how great it could work!
Ugh! The before, hate looking at these pictures, but sort of love it cause it looks so amazing now! (Side note: look at little Avery in this picture! I cannot believe how big she is now, I'm so ready for the baby thing again!)

The beautiful handle that Jordan found online and ordered from the states. Love it!

New doors! Aren't they pretty! The most practical and really the only way we could do doors on this closet. They are very solid doors and glide very smoothly!

We will eventually do new doors, especially on this door. We will probably do something for sound proof and solid. But for now I painted this ugly brown door green (as you can tell, probably make favourite color) and replaced the ugly old sheer and rod, and made this temporary drape with a new rod. Not ideal, but works for now.

Inside before doors on with coats and boots in.

Closet before coats, boots and doors are on. I cannot brag enough about Jordan's craftsmen skills! He customizeds this whole closest, I was skeptic about the hooks because I wanted room for all our coats and for it not too look messy. But he spaced out the hooks perfectly and was able to get lots in! All the wood work was totally from scratch!


Steve and Alli said...

Sounds like a fun birthday- can't wait to see pix! You're right, Jordan's craftsman skills are so great, that closet is a billion times better than it was before! I'm a huge fan of hooks right now, maybe I'm getting lazier as I get older, but I love them!

The Hatch Family said...

Is it weird to say that I am in LOVE with your closet doors?!?! I am. The details in the wood and the handles are just perfection.
Gotta love a good knob or hook too! I don't remember seeing a before pic of your front truly are talented to have such an amazing vision for it and making it become a reality.
Glad you had such a wonderful deserve it!

Julie said...

okay i love the knobs etc from anthropology! and i love seeing before and afters. the closet is great! and i love that green colour too. good job!

The Steed's said...

Your house looks awesome Breanne. I love that green colour too. I am glad Avery doesn't have to walk on that nasty carpet anymore. We had carpet in our front entrance too. Yuck. Love the closet. I need to come do a real life tour one day!

Scott and Tara said...

Love everything!
I almost bought the same hooks but in white. Then i remembered I had no room left in my suitcase for my flight back home. And good thing because my suitcase was 50.5 lbs. Those might have pushed me to 51 lbs and then i would have had to pay the airline money!