Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Family of 4... first 10 day report!

My sister Kamry (who has taken up photography as a hobby and is so talented at it) took some shots of our family and baby Marli a couple days ago. She did such a great job! Thanks again Kamry! Here are some of my favourite shots she took!

My sexy husband! I could talk the world of this guy right now! He has been so wonderful as a father of 2, and husband! Since he finished his CMA entrance exam course, he has been intensely working on this insanely engineered custom build tree house for the kids in the back yard! Pics to come!

Our Big girl! Good job Kamry actually getting a picture of Avery's natural smile, she often for pictures does this cheesy phony smile and squints her eyes!

Love this one, makes me heart melt!

I love the face Marli is making in this picture! She sometimes does this goofy cross eyed face that makes me laugh, this is pretty close to it!

Long toes! Just like her sister and Dad!

Avery and her Daddy, hmmm... wonder where Avery got her eyes???

Me and my Marli girl :)

I just love this little face! Her and Avery definitely look like sisters when I compare Avery's baby pictures. But there are some differences too. Avery's eyes bugged out more than Marli's, I think there nose is the same except Marli's is more Pizzey and like mine where it sticks up a bit. There mouths and chins are different, Marli has her Daddy's chin.

First 10 days at home with 2:

- Marli very sweet baby, has some fussy time in the nights where she cries bloody murder! But once she gets over that, her nights have not been too bad. Great eater, I took her to be weighed today and she was 7lbs 10oz. At birthday she was 7lbs 12oz, so they were quite happy with how she was doing.

- Avery is so gently and sweet to her sister. Marli was laying on a blanket in the living room and started fussin, and Avery went and started singing Primary songs to her and saying "Its okay Marli!" And then she got her books to show her! She has shown some jealousy towards me and Jordan about not being the only little girl anymore. There are lots of "look at me Mom" or "look at me Dad" going on! But I think that's to be expected and part of adjusting.

- #1 adjustment for me. Not the lack of sleep, not the recovery on my body (which has been remarkably good), but I had 3 solid years with just 1 kid. And the last year and a half it was just us and we would go out and do little outings every morning, especially when its nice out! Library, park, spray parks, west ed, swimming... etc! I loved that! Its hard for me to realize I need to stay in and slow down a little bit this first while, while Marli is adjusting to this world! We have been so go go go, I need to slow down and realize that until Marli is just a little older (even a couple months) this won't be happening everyday.

- I feel so blessed to have these 2 beautiful daughters of God in my hands! I just adore them both so much! We waited a little longer for Marli to come along because of the 2 miscarriages! For her to finally join out family is such a blessing! I can't wait to watch her learn and grow and for Avery to have a little sisters to play with!


Scott and Tara said...

Great Pictures!! Cute family Breanne, i am really happy for you guys. Can't wait to come back to Alberta and meet your little one!

Kamry Low said...

So cute and little. I need to get the original copies of the photos- they are coming! i just love your kids! so glad marli and jace are only 5 months apart. he may look HUGE now but give it a year and they'll be able to play! so fun!

Steve and Alli said...

Love all the new pix Breanne! I have to agree, the biggest adjustment was the routine/slowing down. One kid is SO portable, with 2 the logistics are a bit more complicated, but I'm sure you'll get a handle on it really quick! Congrats again!

Julie said...

Great pics breanne! She is such a little sweetheart!

Anna Schoenwald said...

congrats breanne and jordan! marli is precious and you all look so cute together! yes the adjusting to two takes awhile but soon it will become second hand... easy as pie. i'm freaking out though because in just a few months i will have 3! and 3 boys at that! don't know how i'm going to figure out outings with 3... hmmm i guess we all learn.

you and your girls are darling. i couldn't be happier for you! love you.

The Steed's said...

So cute! I would love to have Avery over this week to play with Denae and Nolan and give you a break. Glad to have another kid on the block!

Amelia said...

So sweet! Congrats again. I am happy for you.