Monday, August 8, 2011

So why no post through July???

Go to dinner and Seinfeld with the family for Paiges Bday!

We dig holes with Dad for a very fun backyard project! Pics to come!

We went to the Jurassic Park Dinosaur Park with our friend Dmitri, so much fun!

Take the bus downtown to watch the Capital X parade... little bit of a disappointment, but Avery loved her first parade!

And since it ran right in front of Jordan's work he was able to join us, Avery was happy about that!

We got Avery's hair cut by Paige at her school!

And so much more! I wish I didn't forget my camera so much! We went to countless spray parks and parks, enjoyed Fort Edmonton one day, leg grounds, lots of playing in our little pool!

Oh and getting ready for little Marli to arrive! She did come a week early and the "to do" list that I had to get done before baby was just about complete. Just a couple things left that really weren't that important but crazy me thought they were! Its funny how you learn that those little things don't matter so much! Its been a good summer despite not the best weather!

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