Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March update & new pages

Well March is here, if you live in Edmonton it sure doesn't feel that way! It supposed to get better, but yesterday got to -40! I'm sorry, that is just wrong! I didn't leave my house except to take Kona out.

And tomorrow is my birthday! I'm 24, next year I'll be a 1/4 of a century! It sounds old, but I don't feel old! I don't know why 24 sounds so old, I honestly feel like I'm 20 and newly wed, that's how fast time flies!

Well I've been busy scrapbooking, I'm really loving digital scrapbooking. I've included some new pages below. I'm officially caught up! I don't think I've said that... ever! Its a nice feeling, I'm sure it won't last. Now I'm going to get on Avery's baby book and try and keep up with that.

Question: What have you other mom's done for you kids baby books, like how long do you do it for? I was thinking until they are 2, and then past that goes into the family scrapbook. Any feed back?

I'm so happy that I've realized digital scrapbooking still lets me express my creative side! Its fun building up my pages, and the best part is I can leave it mid project and there's no mess! And that's important when you have a 7 month old!

Oh and Avery and Jordan are wonderful. Jordan is busy as usual with work and church calling and just life! He thankfully is great at always finding time for Avery and I. Avery gets so excited when he comes home, its very sweet! And Avery... I just fall more and more in love with that girl every day! I swear I kissed her chubby cheeks like 50 times today! She's sitting on her own now, which is so cute! The other day I had a baby Einstein on and she was sitting in the living room watching it, just sitting on the floor on her own. I swear I almost teared up because she looked so old, I know pathetic hey!

And this picture below is of my family taken at Tanner's wedding. Avery is missing because she was at home with my Grandma. But I just love it, it turned out so nice! I love my family, it's fun seeing us all grow up!

Speaking of my family, Kamry is pregnant! She is due October. 2! Its fun Avery will have a cousin about 14 months apart! Well that's all for now. Enjoy the pages. I have some recent pictures of Avery on my camera, so once I get those off I'll put them up.


the fellers said...

your hair is so cute!! As for the scrapbooks, my mom did them up until we graduated high school...well, she did most of mine, and then I finished it off...but I dont know. I havent decided what i will do yet!

The Whiddens said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow!
And I love all the pages - you are a scrapbooking machine!

Kim said...

Love the layouts!! And happy birthday :)

Scott and Tara said...

I love all the scrapbook pages! Good worked Breanne. Next time I am in town, i want to see all of them!