Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Avery's pages

Well now that I'm caught up on our family album, I've been working at Avery's baby book. I must say, it sure is fun scrap booking for a little girl. There are so many fun girly things to do!

Here are a few of my favourite pages I've done so far. I was inspired for some pages by other peoples pages on http://www.oscrape.com/. It is a great place for ideas. It's also fun to look back at Avery's baby pic's... I know she is still a baby. But over the course of 7 months she has changed and grown up so much!

Avery is rolling and moving lots, not crawling yet but she wants to so bad! I find it quite funny (I use the word "funny" loosely, because sometimes it's a bit annoying) how her favourite toys seem to be our dogs toys and garbage cans and chairs, everything but her own baby toys. Well she likes those too, but seems to love putting Kona's ball and bone in her mouth (I know... gross) and rolling to garbage cans and things like that and pulling them down and putting them in her mouth. I know all you Mom's are saying "it's only just begun."

I really need to baby proof my house soon since shes on the go now, but I keep putting it off. Its the decorator in me... I like my nice accessories and things like that! haha! My friend Stefanie was over last week and I was just telling her how Avery really hasn't gotten into any of the house stuff yet... and she made her way to the coffee table and grabbed a plate with candles and rocks in it! We had a good laugh, and that has now been raised to the upper shelf of the coffee table. I keep telling myself Avery will just be perfect and not touch Mommy's nice stuff... ya right! But I'm loving watching her grow and learn every day.

xoxo, Breanne


Kim said...

Love all your layouts!! I can't believe how big Avery is getting...but is she ever cute :) So fun being a momma! Ryker still prefers dog toys to his own (when we're at my sisters that's all he wants to play with...and the dog dishes).

Carrie said...

These are such cute pages Breanne! They make me want to get caught up on my own scrapbooking...