Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Birthday!!!

Hi everyone,
Thanks to all my wonderful friends and family that wrote such nice birthday wishes on my facebook! Yes, it is my birthday. Its been a nice relaxing day. Jordan made french toast this morning (my favourite) and then Kamry came and watched Avery while I went and met Jordan for lunch. Jordan works down town at the Bell Tower, so we went to this nice restaurant across from the Westin hotel. Its called 100 something... haha, sorry I can't remember the name. But very good and very nice decor (one of my favourite things about going out to eat is checking out the decor.) I wanted to steal one of there chandeliers, if anyone wants to be my accomplice, let me know!
Every week I write a "to do" list and break it down by day. For today I booked... nothing! And I guess since I'm a busy person I almost don't know what to do with myself! So why not do things I enjoy and sometimes don't have time for like blogging?!
Even though I posted some things yesterday... I have some new pics of Avery I thought I'd put up. Anyways, I will maybe go watch some "One Tree Hill" while Avery's napping (yes, that is the show I'm into right now, I borrowed them from my sister in law Kelli, I'm almost done season 5, woo hoo!)
Have a good one!
xoxo, Breanne
Okay, this picture was when Avery has her bad cold. She just sat on the couch like this for a while watching a cartoon, it was so sad! But you know when something is so sad, its almost cute, that's how this picture is for me. I almost cry looking at it!

Avery trying out her new wheels!

She loves smacking her lips together lately, its quite funny.


julied said...

aw cute pics. i am glad you are into one tree hill! you are almost totally caught up. that is awesome!

Scott and Tara said...

Happy Birthday! And i love the past picture of Avery. And a cute place to take a picture as well.

Steve & Alli said...

I love that Avery does the lip smacking thing too- Kalea thinks her lips are the best thing ever right now! She loves them so much that she'd rather suck her bottom lip than her soother lately- crazy kid!

Our Family said...

I think the picture of avery on her change table is so cute! she almost looks like a crazy doll the way her head is turned perfectly to a 90 degree angle and her eyes are just so wide. she makes me laugh!

Spence said...

blah, blah blah blah blah...i have a baby...blah blah blah...