Saturday, March 20, 2010

Easter Card for Elder Pizzey

It has been so fun to have my baby brother on his missions. I love reading his emails and letters and reading how already he has grown so much! He is serving in Salt Lake City South mission. He got out of the MTC last week so hes in his first area. He covers 2 stakes! And the 2 stakes are within blocks of each other!!! That just blows my mind! He says it needs some cleaning up, so him and his companion are working hard to do that! He's very pumped to work hard and has a excellent trainer and they just click! I just love it!

I also love writing letters (aren't letters so much funner than emails) and sending cute things. Blake always loved my cards and would tell me at birthdays / Christmas he would get excited for them. So while he's on his mission I've decided every little holiday deserves a card! So here is our Easter card, with a photo picture instead. Its in girl colors... but it is Easter... what can you do!


Kim said...

so cute! I love getting mail. And with cute little Avery on the card it's even better :)

The Hatch Family said...

Adorable idea!! Getting and sending mail is just the best. There is something so exciting about getting mail :)

Talia said...

It looks so cute! I see you got some it!!