Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our Life Prior to this Blog

Since I'm a little behind with the blog, and don't really have the time to go back through the past 4 years and post all our events and photos, I thought I would just put up some highlights from the past 4 years and then start fresh from here on in. I'm hoping with being a stay at home mom I can keep up this time! Heres hoping! Enjoy!

And this is where it all began! We had such a blast dating, here are some highlights from our dating time.

And our family is official! Jordan and I were married on December. 18, 2004.

Our wonderful family vacation in January 2006 to Mexico! We had such a great time, I would post a million pictures, but I wont!

Jordan and I tagged along with my parents and Paige and Blake during March 2006 when we went skiing at kicking horse. It was a great time, awesome hill!

Our adorable fury pooch we got in the summer of 2006. Isn't she the cutest puppy! I could post a million pictures of her when she was a puppy, but of course I won't. I'm sure you will see more pictures of her all grown up through our blog.

Our awesome camping trip to Lake Louise in the summer of 2006. We did a couple hikes; one on Lake Louise up to the Tea house, and the other at Lake Morraine.

Heavenor family reunion where I got to finally meet Jordan's extended family and his Nana and Grandad from England!

My wonderful friends from work at Wen-Di Interiors at our Christmas party in 2006.

My sister Kamry was the first of my sisters to get married in 2007. She was married in February 2007 to Jason Low.

Our awesome family vacation to the Shu Shwaps house boating. We had amazing weather and such a blast!!! (Summer 2007)

Our Jasper camping trip in summer 2007

My Sister Taren was the second of my siblings to be married in 2007. She was married in November 2007 to Dave Hirsche.

We had 2 weddings in the summer of 2008 on Jordan's side. His sister Kelli married Chris Pack and his brother Cole married Megan Bennett! They are both great additions to our family. I was a big prego bridesmaid for Kelli's wedding.

Jordan & I wen't to Veradero Cuba for a little "baby moon" (honeymoon before the baby comes) to enjoy a week just the 2 of us! It was wonderful, great weather and we had a blast. Food... not so good, but we knew that going to Cuba.

Heres some lovely (LOL) prego shots. Yea know, when those pictures were taken I was so used to my belly that it wasn't weird to me... but oh my goodness, looking now I cannot believe how big and round that belly was!!!

7 months and 8 months prego here!

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