Saturday, October 18, 2008

Welcome to the world little Miss. Avery Sophia!

Avery was born on August. 14/2008 at 3:35am weighing 7lbs 4oz. and 20 inches long.
The delivery went very smoothly. I went for my regular doctors appointment on August. 13 which was 1 day past my due date.
I had been having contractions for about a week but nothing had come from them. As my doctor listened for the heart beat she was taking an extra long time telling me what it was at. She then told me that it was probably nothing but she did hear a slight skip in the heart beat a couple times. Of course that is never a settling thing for a mother to hear, so to be extra safe my doctor had me meet her at the Grey Nuns that afternoon to do a non stress test.
I was more than happy to do this because if it was a problem I did not want to go home and worry about it until I went into labour.
Anyways, after doing the non stress test and having my doctor, the nurse and the obstetrician determine they weren't sure what it was; since I was full term they decided they best decision would be to induce me.
They told me I was allowed to go pick up Jordan and get my things but come right back as they wanted to monitor the heart. I was quite emotional leaving the hospital, mostly because I didn't expect to be giving birth that day! I honestly thought they would say "oh its no big deal, we will see you when your in labour!"
I phoned Jordan at work bawling, I'm surprise he could even understand me. He gave me a blessing before we left home for the hospital and I did feel that everything would be okay and this heart problem would not be a problem!
Anyways, after being induced at about 6pm, I had the wonderful epidural at around 11pm (I had a few hard painful contractions... and that was enough for me!) I started pushing at about 2, and she was born at 3:35 am! We had both of our mom's in the delivery room when she came (Jordan's mom got there right at 3:30!) and I loved having them there. They announced it was a girl and we were all teary eyed.
I did not get to hold her right away because they had some specialist check her heart and all that to make sure this little heart murmur was nothing. And she was fine, she was a healthy beautiful baby girl!
We had lots of visitors come see us for the 36 hours we were in the hospital.I wanted to get a picture of everyone who came to see her. Sadly I did miss a few people, but here are some of the wonderful people who love her so much that came to see little miss. Avery.

Avery being checked to make sure her heart is healthy. I swear I didn't take my eyes off her until she was in my arms!

Grandpa and Nana Heavenor with Jordan.

Auntie Kamry, Taren and Uncle Dave

Auntie Paige, my Aunt Mari and Nana Pizzey

Nana Pizzey, not long after Avery was born.

Avery's Great Grandma Lynn

Nana Heavenor

Auntie Kelli and Uncle Chris

Auntie Megan and Uncle Cole

My Aunt Kerry

Uncle Blake and his girlfriend Lindsay


the fellers said...

oh my gosh, I didnt know that story, and I promise I just started to cry when you told me about the heart thing. I am so glad she is ok...I can only imagine what I would have been doing...freak...I would have been panicking really bad! You are so strong. I love her, she is so cute!

Jordan & Breanne Heavenor said...

Thanks Vinnie! You are so sweet, I guess mothers can understand the panick that goes through your mind when your children may be in trouble!
Thats why I'm loving this blogging over facebook, you can tell these stories to friends and family!