Monday, April 6, 2009

Conference, Colds & strange schedules!

I realized its been a couple weeks since I've posted anything. This will purely be a journaling post, I have a cute video of Avery to put up but of course I'm mental and don't know how to upload it on our desk top so I thought I'd just write some of my thoughts.

Well conference weekend has come and gone. I love conference, especially watching it at home! We always make a really yummy breakfast Sunday mornings and stay in our PJ's and watch conference. This was the first time that Avery was awake for it! Last conference she was only a couple months old so she was still in the sleeping lots stage. So yes... I didn't get as much as out of conference as I usually do, since our little monkey was up the whole time. But she was really good, Jordan kept her occupied lots and it still was relaxing. She would just play during the speakers, but right when the choir would start she would just stare at the TV. Jordan and I are both not very musical, but since Avery was born I've noticed she really takes an interest to music. Who knows?!

But of course 2 days before conference weekend I get the worst cold I've had in such a long time! I feel like such a baby, but it honestly was the worst! Coughing all the time, head pounding, nose either stuffed so I can't breath or constantly running! So that sort of fogged up the whole conference experience too! But that's okay, at least we were home and together!

I think I've only had one other cold while I've been a Mom, but it was mild. And it is harder to get better. When I was working I would just take a sick day and rest up, but its not like I can say "Okay Avery, I'm calling in sick today, so just take care of yourself while Mommy rests!" haha, as if! So today I'm finally feeling a little better! Thankfully Jordan was here to help this weekend and I was able to rest a bit.

And Avery has been having such major weird schedules lately. Basically her nights haven't been too bad, but during the day she takes these mini naps, 45 minutes max! Its very odd, its been happening about the last week and a half. And she would wake up grumpy and still tired but would not go back down! But I just stopped stressing and worrying about it and realized maybe shes one of those babies that doesn't nap lots... but if that were true she would wake up happy and not grumpy! But the last 3 days have been lots better, she hasn't been napping much longer, but walking up happy and ready to play again. Today she was up from the night at 8:30 (she went to bed later) and played happily all morning till after lunch and just went down at 1:30 here. So bizarre! But as long as she's happy I'm okay with it. Its the not napping and being grumpy that is hard.

So that's been our life. And spring has finally arrived in Edmonton! I shouldn't say that, I'll jinx it! My goal is to get out on a walk every day, Kona needs it and Avery and I need the fresh air and sun. So once Avery's up that's the plan!

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Steve & Alli said...

I think our girls must be going through the same weird schedule stage. Kalea kept us up all last week, then we finally got her back to normal and yesterday she was up from 7:30am until 8:30pm?!?!?! On the bright side she finally slept through the night last night- although she took over our bed so we ended up on the futon because we were too scared to move her! Today she napped like normal-yay! It's nice to know I'm not the only one dealing with this "fun"!!