Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Well I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! We sure did, well aside from the fact that Jordan caught my cold / flu of death! So unfortunately he was under the weather, but he was still a trooper and we still managed to do some things as a family.

Friday we went swimming at the Sherwood Park pool (which I haven't been too forever) and it was lots of fun! Avery is a little fish, and gets so giddy in the water. Its so cute, and she loved having her daddy there. We go often during the week with some girlfriends in there kids, but Jordan's always at work. So it was fun to have him there.

And then Saturday we did some shopping and had lunch with my parents at Chili's.

And then Sunday we had a yummy Easter dinner at my parents house with some of our extended family. Lots of fun!

I went a little over board with posting pictures. Before we went to church Jordan took some pictures of Avery in her Easter outfit and me. There were just too many good ones to choose from! And there are so many of me and Avery because Jordan was still in sweats and grubby. So we had my mom take a picture of us as a family that night at her house after he has cleaned up a little, haha. Jordan was so sick he wasn't able to come to church with us, and Jordan never misses Church or work for being sick! Hopefully he feels better soon!

And Avery is just a riot lately! Its not like she was a grumpy baby before, but shes evolved into this happy baby lately! So easy to make laugh and smile, and army crawling around and baby talking up a storm! I really love this age!

Me & my girl!

Avery & Nana. Sorry this picture isn't great mom, she was just so squirmy here!

Avery & her great great Grandma Bernice!

Our fam!

My funny little cousin Kristen, she always has the best poses!


Anonymous said...

she's really cute!! what great cheeks!! great decorating, too - like your blog

Kim said...

She's so cute!! I can't believe how big she's getting!!