Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Well I hope you all had a nice Easter weekend. We sure did! Well unfortunately Jordan got my cold/flu of death... so he wasn't feeling so great! But he was still a trooper and we still managed to do some things as a family.

We went swimming at the Sherwood Park pool which I haven't been to forever! It was lots of fun, Avery is just a little fish and gets so giddy in the water! She really enjoyed having Jordan there, we go quite frequently with some of my girlfriends and there kids, but that is during the week while Jordan is at work.

We also did a bit of running around a shopping and went to lunch with my parents. And then Sunday, we had a really yummy Easter dinner at my parents house with some of our extended family.

So overall a nice weekend, I wish Jordan would have felt better. I can't wait for next Easter when Avery will be old enough to understand the Easter bunny and we can do an egg hunt and all that. My parents will be in there new house then, and its a perfect place for a egg hunt!

I went a little over board with posting pictures. But before church Jordan took some great pictures of Avery in her Easter outfit and me. Jordan was so sick he missed church (he never misses anything for being sick) so we got a picture at my moms house with him once he was out of his sweats. So that's why threes so many of me and Avery... Daddy was a little grubby then!

And Avery is so much fun lately, not that she was a grumpy girl before, but she has become such a happy little baby! Her naps and nights are getting much better and shes army crawling around and baby talking a storm! I really love this age!

Me & my girl :)

Avery with Nana, sorry its not the greatest pic mom, Avery was so squirmey here. She just wanted to play!

Avery & her Great great Grandma!

The fam!

My funny little cousin Kristen, she always has the best poses.

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