Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fun with Paper

I've had some fun doing some "old school" scrapbooking lately. I joke, because obviously lots of people still do the traditional way. I do as well, but just for projects and cards.
Its really not as hard as it looks! She calls for the covers to be made of restaurant coaster... I did not have any of those and didn't feel like going out to get them, so I used old cereal and cracker boxes and just cut to the shape of coasters. Once you do a couple its a breeze and you know it by heart.
The reason for these brag books is for Mothers day for my mom and Jordan's mom. SO MOM AND KERRI - DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!!! PLEASE!!! Okay thanks, you can scroll past this post onto the next.
So I filled it with pictures of Avery over the last 8 months, its fun to see how much she has changed!
Its lots of fun to co-ordinate papers and embellishments and do a fun title. I worry my title is a little crazy and hard to read, but oh well!
Back of book, cute paper hey! Sorry I can't remember the maker, I've had it for a while.

opening the book...

little sneak preview of whats to come...

Avery everywhere!!!

This is the first (and practise) brag book I made. It turned out great so I'm going to give it to a girlfriend who just had a baby boy as part of her gift. I've since made a few more Mommy brag books for some friends who are pregnant and due this year (including my sister, so sorry to ruin part of your surprise for you Kamry & your babe, there will be other surprises and not just this, don't worry. And I know you... I'll fill yours with pictures for you ;) )

Back of book tied up
I just LOVE orange lately. I've really never been a orange fan, but lately I'm seeing clothes and scrapbook supplies with this nice orange color! Not like Halloween orange, but a more softer muted orange. I've made a few things lately with orange.
Brag book with no pictures, all ready for momma to fill

Baby shower card (boy)

Mother's Day card

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Kim said...

oh so cute!! Isn't it fun making stuff like this?? They are going to LOVE it!