Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Spring is nature's way of saying, "Lets Party!"" - Robin Williams

Finally Spring as arrived! It seemed to take forever here in Edmonton, but we are really enjoying it! I have realized that Avery really enjoys being outside and unlike many babies really likes grass and doesn't mind sitting on it!

Being in a basement suite, sometimes you don't even notice how nice it is outside. Thankfully we have a dog so I take her out every morning and figure it out. We also have larger windows down here, and the first thing I do in the morning is crack the blinds.

We are also trying to sell our house right now. We have decided after 4.5 hours years of living below ground, its time to get our own house and live on a main floor! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! So hopefully it doesn't take too long, you never know with this market though!

But my point in telling that, is we have had a few realtor's showing the place around lunch time. So this is what started me and Avery's little picnic lunches. We usually go on walks around this time which is good for me, Avery & Kona. But if its around lunch then I pack me and Avery a lunch and we go to the park while Kona runs around chasing her ball and enjoy the sun! So now we have started doing that on days when its just sunny outside, its much more enjoyable than eating lunch inside. So these first pictures are from our little picnic lunches, I tried to set the camera up and get good picture of the both of us... didn't work so well!

My sweet girl, don't you just want to squeeze those cheeks!

Avery watching Kona play, shes very fascinated by her!

This weekend we also went and took advantage of the beautiful spring green landscape and took some family pictures. We brought our camera and when Jenny wasn't taking pictures of us we got some snap shots. Unfortunately we didn't get one of the whole family (since we were all in the pictures) but check out Jenny's blog ( she is an awesome photographer.

We haven't had a family photo for years except at weddings. So we had to get this done before Blake is gone on his mission, and summer is just too busy. We wanted an old barn, so me and Avery went for a little drive in the country. I totally fluked out and was driving down this road and just turned into this drive way only to turn around, and BANG, there is a yard with 3 old amazing barns! The lady was working in her yard and looked nice, so I worked up the courage to ask her if we could use her barns for pictures. She was so nice and said people do it all the time for weddings and everything and she didn't mind at all! SO nice hey!

Taren & Dave at the family pics
Kamry & Jason at the family pics.

There was 2 horses at the farm that were so friendly. I have learned Avery is a major animal lover, maybe its cause we have a dog. Well she just wanted to be the horses the whole time, and in this picture she actually grabbed the horses face and put her mouth on him! Yes, gross I pulled her away right away. But the horse was so gentle and she gets just sooo excited around animals!

Our little family

And my baby brother (and only brother) has his highschool graduation yesterday! He's such a handsome, funny, sweet guy! And hes older than his grade because of being a fall birthday (October) so he is getting everything together to put his mission papers in soon! I cannot believe Blake is graduating let alone going on a mission later this year!

Paige, Blake and I after the ceremony

My handsome brother - isn't he a stud?!

Me & Blake - I honestly didn't try and match, just a fluke

Blake & his adorable girlfriend Lindsay, isn't her dress beautiful! We all called them Barbie & Ken


The Hatch Family said...

Beautiful family pictures!
Alysha is the exact same way with horses and is just too cute!
If you ever need a place to play while your house is being shown you are more than welcome to come over.

Leah said...

I LOVE Avery's face with the horse! That is priceless! Such innocence hey! Too cute.

The Wolff Den said...

Not only do I love Avery's face with the horse, I love your reaction! So cute!!

Scott and Tara said...

Great pictures Breanne! Avery is getting so big, i cant wait to see her this month. I love the your family phone with Avery on the ground in front of Jordan and you. Most pictures like that the parents are holding the little kids but this way is so much better!

Breanne Heavenor said...

haha! I actually liked her on the floor too, it looks cute. BUT, the reason for that is she was soooo squirmey that I suggested putting her on the ground and Jenny liked that idea! haha. But I'm glad you liked it