Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lions & Tigers & Bears... I wish :p

Well we did see tigers... but not bears or lions! haha. But it was still a wonderful long weekend.
We had such a nice May long weekend, I know this is a little late but we were busy doing so much as a family on the weekend and this week had been quite busy with some work projects and helping my mom with some things for the house and some church things that I haven't had much computer time!

If I haven't said it before, I'll say it again! I LOVE this getting older thing with Avery. I just loving watching her experience things for the first time and watching her develop her fun personality. She is hilarious lately, quite a happy little girl... sometimes too happy. She does this funny joyful yell when shes really excited and its LOUD! For the most part its not a problem, except when your at church! I just had to laugh and take her out and give a "sorry" smile.
So back to my title, for the weekend even though it wasn't great weather we did lots of fun things!

On Saturday we took Avery to her first trip to the zoo! I haven't been to the zoo since probably elementary, and Jordan has never been. Of course this is no Calgary or San Diego zoo, but it was fun! I was surprised how much Avery noticed and was excited to see the animals. It was great! My mom came along which was fun (my Dad was in Red Deer for Paige bball tourny.) So it was great to have Nana come along. Funny story, my Mom ran into a friend from highschool who graduated with her, he was there with his 2 year old son and wife, while my mom was there with her 9 month old grand daughter! Funny!

I don't quite like the look this one is giving Avery...

I think this picture shows why everyone says Avery look like Jordan, identical eyes for sure!

Tired from seeing all the animals

And that evening it was pretty nice out so we had a little dinner picnic at the park by our house.

Monday we went and had a wonderfully fatty breakfast at Ricki's and then went swimming with my family that evening. So overall a lovely weekend!
I've started getting into work a little big more. Its nice cause my mom is so willing to watch Avery and its still very very small amounts. So if anyone in Edmonton knows anyone needing window coverings and decorating assistance, pass the word along! I carry Hunter Douglas and Vertican, so very competitive prices since I had no over head! Just a little plug :)


The Wolff Den said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the color you recommended for our looks fabulous!! I can't wait to paint my red wall in my kitchen now!

Steve & Alli said...

Haha I know what you mean about this stage being LOUD! It is pretty fun though! I love how people in public places stare and give me those "put a plug in her" looks when I really have no control over when or how loud K gets, I just laugh, it's kind of fun to annoy people through your own kids, hehehe.