Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Keep it simple... this is often the best way :)

I just finished this page and wanted to post it before I hit the hay. I like that its clean, fresh and simple! Often I have a hard time creating pages like these (even though I like them) because I feel I need to embellish and make it all fancy. But sometimes that just ruins a page.

This page has no embellishments or accessories, even the flowers at the bottom are a font!

Keeping it simple has been on my mind lately. Reason being, I'm a huge fan of John & Kate. I have watched there show since the very beginning. Well as any of you know (even if you don't watch there show) there is trouble brewing in there marriage. I'm sure there are many reason, but here is my thoughts (I usually don't do this - write my thoughts on TV shows etc. and be all deep - but its really been on my mind!):

- My Nana gave me the best advice before Jordan and I got married "Your spouse if number 1 in life!" No one comes before your spouse, and if this had been happening with these 2, I don't believe there would be problems. Last night they kept talking about how they are in it for the kids - yes, very important. But how about being in it for each other and then taking care of the kids will fall into place.

- Men need an outlet or escape. This is my opinion, which is why they have work! Obviously they are still working hard there, but I just don't think they are made to be at home all day with crazy children. Obviously it works for some, I have a friend in my ward that works and her husband is at home. But I think the average man needs some time away in the day, and then hes refreshed and happy and excited to be home and see his wife and kids. Even if they don't need the money, John probably needs a little break in the day. Obviously women need this too, that's what girls night at the movies or things like that are for!

- There show has gotten so extravagant. Haven't you noticed the more current episodes they are always going to big exciting places. There show in the early seasons used to be a family of 8 living, doing the everyday things such as laundry, or groceries, or buying Christmas presents for each other etc. Obviously they have great sponsors and places inviting them to come enjoy there attractions, but I feel it has been so caught up in the big glamour of the world and taken away from the simplicity of family and home.

- KATE! Am I the only one who feels she has changed so much cause of the show! She kept saying last night how everything she does (the show, books, touring, speaking engagements) is 100% for the kids. So Kate... you are saying you don't enjoy the spotlight and getting your hair and make up done, and dressing nice (she wear heels to get there dogs from the farm for goodness sakes) and the glitz and glam?!?! I don't know if I believe that. Of course the show provides a very nice comfortable living for the family. Her attitude and everything seems to have really changed over the seasons, don't get me wrong, shes a great Mom, but I really feel shes gotten quite wrapped up in this all! (Do you notice how tanned she is?!?! She looks hot, but come on!)

- And most important, they never addressed that maybe... just maybe the show has done this too there marriage. I love there show and watching there family so much! BUT if my husband was not enjoying the spotlight and media I would sell my big fat house and get a nice modest house, and ditch the show. It sounds like John would enjoy getting back to work, and the kids will almost be in school all day, so go back to nursing during the day if need be. I really believe that would make things easier. Keep it simple!!! I did hear that they possible were already under contract for this season and couldn't back out, but even so I don't think Kate would have pulled out anyways.

ALRIGHT! I'm done, I usually don't discuss things other than my family, but its quite sad to see such a sweet family fallen apart cause of this world and publicity. And this is all my opinion, obviously! So don't hate me if I oppose your thoughts. Lets hope it all works out for them!

Overall it made me grateful for my simple, quite, non public life!


The Hatch Family said...

I totally agree! Thomas& I were just talking about them last night. It is said what living a public life can do to a family.

The Hatch Family said...

Opps that is supposed to say "sad" not said.

Alana said...

It was so sad to watch and I'll I could think about was cancel the show and work on your marriage.

Your scrapbooking page is super cute - I've tried to do some but havn't completly made friends with PS Elements yet.

kamry Low said...

I to agree with you breanne. I love the show but it's made me very sad. I don't believe it's all kate's fault. I believe it's been a joint effort. They kept saying "I do this, this is how i've been trying to keep our family" and they imply the other is no doing anything. You need to put each other first. Think of what he other needs and what they have done. I was sooo sad because in the beginning were so and they can acghieve it agani it they try. anyways that's my rant!

Breanne Heavenor said...

Yes, I totally agree Kamry! I didn't say much about John, but I do definetly think they are both at fault. It takes 2 to fight, and I totally noticed how they kept just say "I" instead of "we". They need the "we" and team effort back and back to the mushy cute couple they were in the begining!

Kim said...

Cute layout! And I agree with your Jon and Kate comments. I completely agree with the whole Kate thing and how she's gone overboard with her appearance. Remember the episode where Jon picked out her clothes?? She's definitely changed. And Jon should work outside the home...guys need the break. Men and Women were made differently for a reason...as much as I love my own hubby I enjoy the fact that we have different roles in our marriage. Great thoughts Breanne :)

Leah said...

Wow, I have totally been thinking along the same lines as you lately Breanne. Keep it simple.....we are told this over and over by leaders of the church yet sometimes it is hard to do. Dylan and I just made the decision to stay in our condo and eventually start a family in the condo because it will out less strain on us financially......tough decision, but you are right, it makes life easier. Also, I totally share your sentiments on Jon and Kate....if you are so miserable and your family is falling apart but they are the most important thing to you then give up your fancy house and clothes and stop the show!!! Poor kids.