Monday, May 11, 2009

Family fun on Mother's Day

Avery and Auntie Paige

Well get ready for lots of pictures!
My first official Mothers Day was very nice. Jordan got me a lovely Spa package which I can't wait to use and get pampered. And then we had a nice evening at my parents. Since the weather was mostly nice we spent some time outside which Avery loved!
So I thought I'd post lots of pics, since I got too many cute shots of Avery with everyone I just had to post them all!

Before Church being sneaky while Mom makes the bed.
Avery in her new car seat, we finally got around to getting the bigger car seat! She was getting too big for the new born one, and getting sick of it too. She much prefers sitting up straighter.

See, she likes it!

Avery with Auntie Kamry

Avery & Nana, she was being a little stinker and sick of pictures.

Avery & Nana & Gramps. She loves doing kissy lips (smacking her lips together), which is what she is doing here.

Avery & Uncle Blake

Me & Avery, haha. I only posted this one because its the only picture of me on Mothers Day - go figure! I was doing most of picture taking.

Loving the out doors, she loved playing with grass.

My Dad took Avery on the tramp, at first she wasn't too sure. But then she really liked it! My Dad is just too cute with her!

Avery & Daddy - grumpy Avery :(


Carrie said...

Avery is so adorable. I love all the fun little expressions she makes, so sweet :)

julied said...

aw these are so cute! she is getting so big and so cute! i love it. and I like the your pose on the blanket..mommy model

the fellers said...

she is so cute! Happy mother's Day!

Colette said...

so. cute!!!!