Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bows, Bows & Flowers!

Well, one reason I love having a girl (there are so many) is all the fun hair accessories out there. I had a box I was keeping all of Avery's bows & flowers that I've collected, but I've never loved having then in a box. They sometimes get squished or I can't find the one I'm looking for.

So yesterday I had a free afternoon and decided to finally make a decent holder for all her bows and flowers. I had seen this idea on It looked pretty easy so I took out my glue gun and went to work. It was lots of fun! Especially cause I had everything for it and didn't have to buy anything.

I used and old frame I've kept that the glass had broken for and used the cardboard backing to attach some fabric too. I had the leftover fabric from a blanket I made for Avery. The ribbon I had leftover. To tell you the truth I don't love the ribbon with the fabric (I wish I had more plain ribbon to pull out one of the colors in the fabric) but again I didn't want to go out just to buy that. And once all the bows and flowers were on after, it really didn't matter because you don't see very much of the ribbon.

The outside ribbons have Velcro on them because most of Avery's bows and flowers attach to head bands with Velcro. And then the inside ribbon has nothing on it because that is where the bows and flowers with clips just clip on. I've started liking the clips more now because they stay on the head bands better and now that Avery has some hair I often will put a clip in her hair without a head band.

I really didn't notice how many bows and flowers I've bought or made! Most of the ribbon bows I've made with my trusty glue gun. And then the flowers and some small accessories I've picked up at random places (either ordered online or picked up at trade shows.)

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Leah said...

Breanne I ADORE this idea!! I really hope we have a girl first so that I can steal it! So cute!