Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What a lovely day for a picnic, swimming and good friends!

Summer has finally arrived in Edmonton! To enjoy the hot weather and sunshine Me, Taren (my sister), Julie & Leah went to Mill Creek pool. We were all husband-less that day, so had some nice girl time at the pool. Paige (my other sister) joined us later.

It was Avery's first time at an outdoor pool, she was a little unsure of the cold water and loud kids. But she adjusted quickly and really enjoyed herself. She is definitely a outdoorsy girl!

The weather was beautiful, we had a nice picnic lunch and enjoyed the sun and cooled off in the pool. Here are some pics from the day.

Avery in her cute bathing suite from Nana Heavenor. Nana Pizzey got her one but its getting too small now, and this one is just a little big (shes sort of in between sizes.)

Me & Avery with Auntie Taren - yes my white skin is definitely in need of some sun! Taren made me look even whiter!

Avery enjoying her new floaty, she was getting very excited kicking around in it!

Leah, Taren, Avery, Paige & Julie

Sisters: me, Taren, Avery & Paige

Avery enjoying a strawberry. She made quite a nice little mess, good thing for the pool!

Avery trying Auntie Paige's sweet shades on! Too cute hey ;)


Leah said...

Breanne I have the CUTEST pictures of Avery! I am just editing them right now and then I will send them to you. What's you email address?

the fellers said...

looks like a lot of fun! Your swimming suit is really cute, and I love Avery's too...I hate the in between age!

Kamry said...

Aw I'm so sad i missed the day! Avery looks so cute! we'll have to do this again!

julied said...

yikes. glad there is only one pic of me and thank you paige for covering half of me!
i love that first pic of avery! haha she was so cute! and so good, even when she got dunked!