Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Proud of my Man!

Jordan is officially done his degree!!! He finished classes in December, but his convocation was yesterday. It was very special and fun to see him walk across the stage and get his degree! My sister Taren also graduated with him, Taren and Jordan have done many of there classes together and work great together. They have become good friends through University.

Now is my time to talk up my husband (sorry for the next paragraph of bragging! haha)

Jordan is such a hard worker, his parents taught him to work hard and it shows! He worked hard through all his classes and received great grads because of it. And because of his experience (he also did the Co-Op program) and people skills, even in this tough economy he earned a great job with Meyer Norris Penny as a Business Valuator. He loves the people he works with and the job. And even though he has had to learn lots from this job he has caught on quick and put in lots of hard work and over time to earn his bosses respect.

Now while working full time he is completing his "Charted Business Valuator (CBV)" from home out of a University in Ontario which should take about 2 years part time. He is doubling up on classes to get it done quicker.

Aside from school and work he is the Young Men's president in our ward and works sooo hard at that! It is practically a part time job and he is very dedicated and caring towards the boys in our ward.

And on top of that he is a wonderful, dedicated and loving father and husband! I could not as for more!

Taren & Jordan after the ceremony

Kerri (Jordan's Mom, Jordan & Me)

Jordan & His Mom

My Nana, My Dad, Taren, Jordan, My Mom, Taren's mother-in-law Diann Hirsche & Kerri

Dave, Taren, Jordan and I

Jordan with my parents


The Hatch Family said...

What a guy! That is so exciting. It feels like one chapter closes and the next begins after the grad ceremony. You look gorgeous in those pics by the way.

the fellers said...

wow, that is great! Congrats Jordan. I can hear ya with the YM's calling....Shon is only the 1st counsellor, but it is CRAZY! They have so many meetings and stuff, it really is a part time job!