Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sentimental dress

My parents are moving (or have moved now) and I was helping my Mom pack last week. We went through all these old dresses that she kept of mine, it was lots of fun and brought back many great memories.
Well we found this dress that I've never seen, or never seen a picture of me in it. Its adorable! I guess when I was about Avery's age my Grandparents went to Germany on a trip and brought this dress back for me!
I just love it and hoped it would fit Avery, and it fit perfectly! There was a couple stains which I was able to get out with bleach, and then for church I wanted it to look just perfect! So I ironed it (I haven't ironed any of Avery's clothes yet, its funny ironing such little pieces) and it worked out great! Funny thing though, since its from Germany I had to google the word "Baumwolle" that was on the tag to see what material of the dress was made it, and it was Cotton as I suspected (I just didn't want the wrong iron setting.)
Man she is squirmy lately, it is very hard to get a good picture of her. So here are the best ones I got.


The Whiddens said...

What a cute dress! On an even cuter little girl :)

Alana said...

That is so fun that you can put Avery is your old dresses. Avery definitly makes me jealous, I would love to have a girl someday

Scott and Tara said...

I love the little dress. It really does look like a dress from Germany. FUN!

Steve & Alli said...

Too cute Bree! I especially love the fact that she has little sandals on too- I can't keep those things on Kalea's feet, and if they do stay on, chances are she's sucking on them!

reddmummy said...

Adorable dress! And so special that you both have gotten to wear it. I wore my Grandmother's wedding dress (Early 1950s) and it was so special for me and her. Love your blog!