Thursday, June 25, 2009

Twins B-Day and Fathers Day fun

Well the day for my sweetie pie started with breakfast in bed. I used the tray that came with Avery's high chair! ha! His favourite is blueberry pancakes and REAL bacon. Because of being health conscious we usually only have turkey bacon, so he got a big pile of real bacon. And his favourite candies (don't worry he didn't have them for breakfast.) I think he really enjoyed himself.
Now the funnest part. This day was also my twin sisters birthday! They turned 23, so I saw this AWESOME idea on Bakerella's (see her blog under "Sites I Enjoy" on the left) for these cupcakes treats that look like slider hamburgers! How cute hey! I was literally giddy when I put them together cause they were just too fun!

So I just make some vanilla cupcake batter and made some cupcakes the night before. And then cut them in half. The beef patty is brownies. I just made a 9x9 pan of brownies and used a circle cookie punch to make the shape. My browns were thicker, so I cut them in half.
The icing was the funnest! I was impressed with myself because I made these colors using only primary colors (red, yellow & blue.) I must say in school for our Color Theory class we had to make like 50 color wheels, so I've had some experience making every color you can think of with just primary colors. So I had some fun mixing colors. I suggest putting the icing in the fridge for a while cause it gets thicker and easier to play with for the toppings!

Hamburger slider army!

Birthday cupcakes for Kamry and Taren!

Enjoying the fruits of my labour, and they taste great too!


Carrie said...

I love it! The mini "burgers" are awesome and so creative. It totally makes me want to eat one!

the fellers said...

those are SOOOOO cute!!!

Kim said...

Your cupcakes turned out soooo cute!!! I need to try making those :) Although they might not turn out so cute or good...haha!!