Friday, August 14, 2009

My 1st Baby is 1!!!

Everyone told me how fast time flies when you watch your children grow... well now I believe them! I honestly feel like we just came home from the hospital with my sweet little Avery. My first baby and first girl, she just melts my heart!

So yes, Avery is 1! This last few weeks she has grown up so fast. Shes quite the funny kid, it's amazing how much they change, grow and developed in one short year! I can already see her little personality developing and some of her characteristics coming out already.

Here is some things about our Avery that I've noticed and just love:

- She loves to discover! And by discovering she points at everything, her little routine when she gets up from a nap or in the morning is she has to touch the light switch and then touch her mirror above her bed and then we can go on with our day. She loves feeling textures and has to touch and point at everything new. Her Grandpa Pizzey takes her on lots of adventures when they are together and they discover lots of interesting textures and sites.

- She is double jointed in her finger, as am I! We discovered this since she points so much. The joint below her nail she can bend and when she points she always as then bent, so she never points her finger straight, its so weird and funny. Its sort of hard to describe, next time you see me ask or I'll have to take a picture of her point and put it up here.

- She was never a cuddly baby, but as she has gotten older she realizes its not such a bad thing to cuddle up to Mom and Dad, and I love that!

- She LOVES animals, especially dogs! I guess that may come since we have a dog, and she loves chasing Kona around and fighting over her toys with her. In fact aside from Momma and Dadda, her first word was "dog." Except she says it "dug." But whenever she see's a dog on TV or on a walk she says "dug."

- She loves to be tickled and play peek-a-boo. They get her laughing so hard so chokes on her spit, she is very easy to make laugh and play with (there are the exception when shes very tired or hungry.) Shes also a bit of a dare devil and loves to be tossed around and LOVES water and swimming and swinging!

- She has a strong determined personality. And she does things are her own pace, she loves to be independent and do things on her own. She would rather feed herself and for the most part do things herself (that she can do herself.) And if she is going for something she shouldn't an I move it, she will keep looking for it until she finds it.

- When she meets people for the first time she plays shy and nervous, but its mostly a game because 2 second later she will be laughing with them.

- She is an outdoorsy girl, definitely gets that from Jordan (not saying I don't love the outdoors, he just really does.) She is totally at peace our there and loves EVERYTHING about being outside. Grass, trees, leaves, bugs, everything!

- She is very strong, and been tall for her age ever since shes been born. BUT, takes her time to get her mobility going. She's still not walking, even though I think she would love too! Just a little nervous to take the plunge.

Well that is my little girl! We love her so much, and can't wait to watch her grow over the years and when our family grows become our big girl!


The Whiddens said...

Happy Birthday Avery! What a sweet picture of her :)

The Hatch Family said...

Happy Birthday Avery! It really is so amazing how fast they grow up but hard to even remember what life was like without them!

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Avery! She is such a doll Breanne!

Scott and Tara said...

Happy Birthday Avery!!!! She has grown so much it is crazy!

Anonymous said...

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