Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oh the Joys of Parenthood

There is a blog I quite enjoy... oh you know, one of those people you have never met and probably never will but look at there blog frequently! She is actually a great scrapbooker and featured in Creating Keepsakes quite often, so that is originally how I stumbled across her blog. She posts great pages as well as cute things about her family - and she has an Avery too!

Anyways, Jordan is not quite home from Young Men's camp, should be in about an hour. Me and Avery have missed him very much this week, it made me appreciate the wonderful father and husband Jordan is! So to pass the time since Avery hit the hay I decided to do some blogging. I was checking out Elizabeth's blog (see under "Sites I Enjoy") and her husband will occasionally do a post and I was cracking up laughing! I usually don't laugh out loud all by myself reading things, but it was quite the funny post about parenting.

Anyways, go read it! It sure made me laugh! It was posted yesterday (Aug. 7) and titled "Confessions of a SAHD." He's watching the kids while Liz is at a CKU convention and its sort of a tribute to Mom's as well. Anyways, he explains, and its quite funny. It made me think:

- Maybe I'm doing a pretty good job as a Mom
- And maybe I'm not awful for picking up McDonald's on some busy nights and giving Avery a couple fries to keep her quite while shes fussing on the way home
- and also maybe its okay to run baby Einstein 4 times in a row because it keeps her happy while I'm trying to get the house clean
- And HEY, maybe there are other people that don't have perfect sleepers and average 5-6 hours a night and sleeping in is 7:30 / 8ish?! (I guess I could avoid that by going to sleep earlier, ha!)

Anyways, many funny thoughts went through my head reading is day with his girls as a SAHD. Do read!

And I just enjoyed a little extended vacation while Jordan was gone at YM's camp at my parents. There new house is great! I should put some pics up since I consulted my Mom every step of he way. It very peaceful a there new house and the house is amazing! I just loved it! Definitely didn't want Panorama to end, so why not leave my basement suite and enjoy some more R&R at the folks! As well as some good company!

BUT, back to my little humble abode. This week brings more packing, since our move in on the 19th and then.... drum roll... I FINALLY LIVE ABOVE GROUND! I can't wait for our new house, and I think this blog will consists of lots of renovation projects. It will be over time, but I'll definitely keep updates coming as the reno's happen!

I hope your all enjoying your summer, here are some recents of my little Avery (shes such a blast lately, quite the character and funny kid) and some fun at my folks!

This picture shows a little of the weird bum scootch / crawling that Avery does

Playing drums with Grandpa

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The Hatch Family said...

Glad I am not the only one that uses Baby Einstein when I desperately need my baby to sit still while I get a few things done!!!